Nenets: life in the Arctic.
Reindeer Festival.

2-9 April 2021
Expedition to Yamal, Arctic Circle, Russia.

2-9 April 2021

2800 euro
minimum 4

Prices may vary without notice for reasons not dependent on the tour operator but force majeure due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Booking via:

  • Flight Moscow-Salekhard-Moscow
  • Transfer to and from Salekhard airport
  • Hotel in Salekhard 3 nights and in Moscow 1 Night
  • All transport on the way: cars, snowmobiles, trains
  • Stay from the Nenets in chum
  • Local guides
  • Guide in Italian
  • Satellite phone for emergencies
  • Rental of clothing, sleeping bag and more.

Not included:
  • Flight Italy - Moscow-Italy (about 400 euro)
  • Restaurants in Salekhard and Moscow (80 euros)
  • Visa to Russia (145 euros)

Depart from Italy on 1 April and arrive at Salekhard on 2 April (airport code sly). On the 2nd we will spend the day discovering the city located exactly at the Arctic Circle.

3 April
Reindeer Festival. A folkloric event most important in the tundra.

4 April
We will have an extraordinary experience living at the nenets ' camp in the Polar Urals.

* Urals, are a mountain range that crosses approximately from North to South Russia, stretches for more than 2000 km with A N-S direction from the Arctic tundra of the Arctic glacial Sea to the Caspian steppe; traditionally it is considered the geographical boundary between Eastern Europe and Siberian Asia. Of modest height (culminates at 1894 m in Mount Narodnaja). The Urals have a real primacy as a mining district (among the most important in the world). In the area of the Yamal Peninsula there is a large Russian gas field where they extract 1/3 of all Russian gas.

In chum (the typical tents of the nenets) we will be their guests; there we must therefore respect their rules. The mistress of the CHUM, his wife, prepares food at least 4 times a day. We are free to get out of the chum when we wish to take pictures even at night when there may be the Northern Lights.
During the day inside the hut the fire is lit, instead of at night you need the comfort sleeping bag -20 C, because the fire slowly goes out and from midnight until 8 in the morning it is cold. We will sleep on the reindeer fur which is very warm, a unique experience.

Inside the chum there are curtains-partitions that lower for the night and create a mini "room" where you sleep all together. In these days we will live with the family of reindeer herders, in their camp. This is not a" playground " for tourists, it is a place where nomads live, so you need to be ready as we are very far from civilization. This is another reality, almost another planet or another dimension. You begin to understand that we are in the XXI century, is what is happening in Russia and that you are a protagonist of all this. There are no showers or the bath, there are no beds, there are no shops or the internet, sometimes people eat raw meat and drink warm reindeer blood to get vitamins, and the water comes from the melted snow.

But here the starry sky is extraordinary, the true unity with the nature and culture of the nenets who brought their traditions through the centuries to the present day. The cuisine is traditional in chum and is based on reindeer meat and fish. They also eat buckwheat, pasta and potatoes as side dishes and also drink black tea. During the stay with the nenets we will have the opportunity to understand how they live and carry out their daily life. We will go to the pasture of the main herd where we can feed and communicate with the reindeer, we will photograph the nenets as they take a reindeer from the herd using the special rope made of reindeer tendons.

Nenets women during the day prepare wood for the stove which is also used as an oven; they care for dogs; they prepare lunch (they go out to get reindeer meat for cooking); they make sewing of boots with reindeer fur. They go to get the snow and then use it for drinking and cooking. Each clan of about 2-3 families living together has a herd of about 1000 reindeer and therefore the men together with the tireless dogs take care of moving the herd to the best place for milking. And here very interesting photo situations are created. Their gestures and expressions tell of the struggle to live in those areas and with those temperatures. Inside the chum we can organize a photo set with the lights (of course if you take the lights with you). In all this we are always at the Arctic Circle where we can admire the phenomenon of the northern lights (if the weather conditions allow).

In total we will spend 3 nights at the nenets.

7 April
After the stay at the nenets, we move to Salekhard.

8 April
We leave for Moscow where we will spend a night in the hotel in the center. From each Moscow airport you get by taxi to the hotel about 1 hour and 15 min.

9 April
Return to Europe.

Tips for clothing.
During the day the minimum temperatures are around-10ºC degrees, during the night they can reach up to-15ºC, so it serves thermal and warm clothing.

You will need a front torch for night outings and inside the chum.
Electricity is not inside the chum. The batteries we charge when the generator is turned on.

You can bring some snacks (taralli, protein bars, dried fruits, chocolate).

For the precise clothing list contact me.

For travel to Russia you need a visa and passport must be valid at least 6 months at the time of departure.

Cancellation and refund policy
If a participant decides to cancel the reservation, he or she must communicate it as soon as possible to the email address of one of the two organizers.
However, the sudden absence of a participant would create management difficulties in bookings, in addition to the risk of not reaching the minimum quota of participants for the photo travel.

• If the cancellation request is sent at least 60 days before the scheduled departure date, the booking fee can be refunded (excluding agency fees only).

• If the cancellation request is sent less than 60 days before the scheduled departure date, the reservation fee cannot be refunded.
The entire amount paid (excluding agency fees only) will be refunded if the event is canceled.

Photographic equipment:

  • photo camera
  • lens (wide-angle, macro, medium-long canvases)
  • tripod
  • batteries
  • cards
  • remote control
  • lens and sensor cleaning kit
  • polarizer, GND, ND filters
  • computer to download photos or external disks.
  • front torches

What you need to know

How To Dress for Yamal
Late November temperatures can drop to -30 So warm clothing. Instead by the end of April the temperatures are around 0 degrees.

- It's Like Canadian Goose.
- Down jacket of 100 gr.
- Sweatshirt
- Thermal underwear
- Cap
- Double gloves
- Warm socks
- Baffin Boots
- Foot warmer insoles
- Padded pants
- Home clothes, slippers (for hotel)
- Hygiene products, personal First Aid kit
- Front stack
    The difficulty of the journey
    Travel difficulties ann a scale 1 gu 10 thoirt 9.
    The electrical outlet in Russia
    Voltage: 220V
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Socket type: C * and F**

    * Two-pole European C
    ** German two-pole F
      Visa to Russia
      We have agreements with an agency that prepares US visas for Russia at the cost of 120€ plus shipping costs with the courier at 25€.
      Of course, you can independently apply for a visa to Russia by applying to the Russian Embassy or consulate in Rome, Milan or Verona
      What we will eat and where we will sleep
      Hotel in Salekhard is comfortable with en suite bathroom. From the nenets we will sleep in their homes to have maximum contact to make photo reportage.
      Currency and Exchange
      The currency in Russia is the ruble. In Salekhard you can pay by credit card but not everywhere. I advise you to withdraw money in Moscow or Salekhard or take with you the Euros and change them on the spot. In May 2019 the exchange rate is 1€=72 rubles. An adult lunch in Salekhard can cost about 1800 rubles.
      Do you want to take part in this trip?
      write me an email to check the availability of the place